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PUSH YOURSELF | Lacey Sportswear Athletic clothing

"Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you."

Lacey Sportswear clothing is about more than just comfortable clothing, it's about helping you become the best version of yourself every time you look in the mirror. Our athletic clothing is a reminder to better yourself every day. Every challenge that arises is risen above, every battle faced is conquered, every fear overcome, and every thought about what is possible is elevated.

The Push Yourself story is about YOU and only you deciding that enough is enough and you will succeed. No one else can make you successful, no one else can make you happy, no one else can push you to your true potential except you. Our clothing is meant to remind you of that. If when you look in the mirror if all you see was a failure, weakness, or something else dragging you down from your potential that we are here to remind you that it is possible, it is achievable and so much more.

Push Yourself is about wanting it deep down inside because you will be hated, criticized, doubted, stepped on, look down upon, and unmotivated, but once you learn to deal with those things and still have the drive to accomplish your highest potential and that they have no bearing on you or what you can do then you will truly understand what it means to Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.

We are more than just a company that wants to provide high quality stylish athletic clothing, we are a family that wants to see everyone succeed in their own way. So that when they look into the mirror they don't see the things that everyone may tell them, but see what they can truly become.


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